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Sarah Thompson
Solution Architect
Sight Machine

"Marlo's presentation was engaging, enlightening and motivating. I loved the energy and the passion he brings to his subject matter, and listening to his story made me simultaneously furious, hopeful and determined to promote change in my community. Marlo is an authentic, charismatic speaker who tells it like it is, and the way in which he transformed his life is inspirational. I highly recommend Marlo's presentation for a variety of settings - his message of resilience can benefit and inspire not just employees at a tech company, but many other types of listeners as well." 

"Marlo Da Motivator's presentation at the TDRC was powerful. Our participants are on active supervised probation which comes with many obstacles. Navigating their reentry to the community while coping with mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, and lack of education are just some of the hurdles they experience. Many are too proud to ask for help let alone accept help. Marlo, with so much heart and emotion from his own lived experience, iterated that it is okay to ask for and accept help. In fact, receiving help will expedite their goals and will play a major role in their success. Marlo also spoke on his own success and the path that got him there, letting them know that they too can do it. 

Marlo's presentation had relevant and valuable content. It was gender and culturally responsive as well as pleading to the current population at risk. I would recommend his presentation to other community-based organizations for its reliability and impact." 

              ~ Marica Massa 

             Program Director 

 Leaders in Community Alternatives, Inc

     Transitional Day Reporting Center

                  ~ Denise Copeland

                Transitional Instructor

Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

                         ~Aaron Forbes

Material & Store Supervisor/Self Help Group Sponsor

      Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

  ~ Ray Robinson, J.D., LL.M

       Litigation/Trial Support

         Certified Paralegal

​more access to drugs for medical use

               ~ Donald Frazier 

                Executive Director

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency

~ Kevin Grant

Founder of the Kevin Grant Foundation, Violence Prevention Network Coordinator City of Oakland.

"The most challenging obstacles/hurdles many people face is demonstrating that they are no longer the person that they were in the past. One of the most impressive parts of your presentation is the positive energy presented throughout the entire presentation.


I highly recommend your presentation to anyone, group or organization because your success illustrates how people can still change against all odds. Witnessing your change/success cements my belief to NEVER GIVE UP!"

"As a Transitions teacher working in a prison, I was often concerned that my students did not feel that I could relate to their circumstances. They knew that I cared, but many times after I taught a lesson about parole or a related issue, students would say, “That’s not how it works.” The main obstacle that faced them was overcoming the stigma of incarceration once they were released. Many of them could not fathom how they could possibly be seen as anything but an ex-felon. Your presentation was so phenomenal because you took your audience through your journey from childhood to young adulthood to incarceration to successful reentry in such a vivid, powerful way. As you spoke, I watched some of my most withdrawn, resistant students come to life. The transformations you inspired were a joy to observe. I would recommend you to any group that is searching for an uplifting, motivational, authentic speaker. You have a gift of speaking with passion, power and humor and making your audience feel the genuine hope you have for them. Even more importantly, you instill in them hope for themselves, something that most of them have abandoned."

"I invited Marlo to speak to a group of teenage boys at the Verdes Carter Recreation Center. Based on my observation and feedback from the youth, he did an exceptional job. So much so, that I invited him out to speak to over two hundred young men and adults at the Oakland Midnight Basketball League and once again I was impressed by his great words of encouragement and transformation.”

"Marlo, it was such a pleasure and privilege to hear your presentations. I personally liked the fact that although your presentations were directed specifically to the inmates currently incarcerated, anyone else in attendance of your presentations could gain useful, and motivating information.  I would recommend your presentation, because you are a charismatic and motivating speaker. I especially appreciate how you unselfishly give of your time and energy to those in need of guidance, direction, focus, and motivation.  Whether it’s to prison inmates or young men and women in your community, your words and success story has really touched a lot of hearts and minds: including me personally.  Keep up the great work my friend!"

“Many participants of B.O.S.S are faced with the reality of living in poverty and being part of an impacted failed system. Your presentation was a joy to hear and watch. I enjoyed how you related your story directly to the realization of a solution with metaphors that I could visualize. I would absolutely, 100% recommend that others bring you in to speak to their group(s)! You are intelligent, relatable and approachable with a knowledge base of a tailor made teacher and spiritual orator. Your passion to get your message out to the people that will benefit from your experiences and maybe make a decision not to go down that road – is powerful. Honestly brother, I’m not sure if you realize how powerful you really are. Keep up the great work!”

"Marlo Da Motivator's story is nothing short of amazing and we feel privileged that he shared it. The session itself was at moments light-hearted, serious, shocking, enlightening along with an easy to follow and engaging presentation." 


"His words resonated with us and allowed for an organic autonomous conversation. We were left with a renewed inspiration and invigoration to make changes within our communities. Marlo has been the catalyst for engagement with various programs and organizations he's affiliated with, resources we trust. For teams, businesses or organizations looking for an authentic, genuine and passionate speaker- we recommend Marlo for any engagement, he will exceed any expectations."

~Collective Quote from Sight Machine Team Members

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