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Motivational Speaker

 My Life Story

Key Points:

It's Not Where You Start That Defines You, You're Defined By What You Make Of It

Broken Home, Drugs, Alcohol & Violence

Reckless Pursuits


Being Your True Self

Are You Being Mentally Manipulated?

Key Points:​

Identify Your Goals

Uncover/Discover Blocks That Keep You From Obtaining Your Goals

Pinpoint How Certain Issues Are Not Actual Issues


The Issue Is A Trick Of The Mind


Focus On Clandestine Forms Of Mental Manipulation

Key Strategies On How To Overcome Mental & Action Blocks

Persistence, Commitment, and Perseverance ( P.C.P.)

Key Points:

Key Strategies On How To Overcome Hindrances/Obstacles

What To Do When They Tell You No


Stay Committed To Your Commitment(s)

Set Backs Are Set Up's For Your Come Back

Who Told You That? “Removing Obstacles and Doing What You Were Called To Do”

Key Points:

Uncover/Discover Your Weaknesses

Decipher Why You Are Not Winning The Way You Want To In life

Confront The Distractions And/Or Obstacles Your're Facing While Trying To Reach Your Goals

Key Strategies To Overcome Distractions & Obstacles   

Utilize The Skills/Talents/Gifts That You Have To Win In The End 

In addition, we can organize a presentation and/or a workshop that fits your exigence!

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